I'm Hussein Al Hammad, a web developer and designer currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I have been building websites since 2015, often working directly with businesses and occasionally helping agencies meet their deadlines.

In 2017, I have launched Pipits for Perch, a collection of Perch CMS add-ons and a blog about building websites with Perch and Perch Runway.

What I can help with

Path to The Web

I've had a passion for photography since I was 16, and by 17 I had won the junior category at The 2010 Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year . A few years later I developed a matching passion for the web during my time at Flinders University (Australia) where I completed my Bachelor of Information Technology (Digital Media).

At Flinders University, besides the basics of web develoment, I learned a wide variety of skills in different disciplinaries such as application development, databases, graphic design and even 3D modelling & animation. It was a broad degree and I barely scratched the surface of these fields.

Not wanting to be just another miserable Jack of all trades (and master of none), I invested a lot of my time after graduation to learn more about the web and gain the skills necessary to kickstart a career. And the more I learn, the stronger my passion for the web grows.

Other Work

Besides working on websites, I have done some print design work and even shot a wedding. I have also been involved with the smart people of WiFindUs, an Australian startup, working on their asset management system's prototype.

Away From The Computer

While I have fun working on a computer, I enjoy and value my time away from it. Going on solo runs is my favourite activity and Football has always been my go-to sport. And nothing beats a stroll with my camera in my hand. I may also be a little too much into movies (follow me on Letterboxd).

Stalk Me

You can stay in touch with me via Twitter, find my experimental code on Codepen, view some of my photos on or Instagram, see what inspires me on Pinterest, stay up to date with my blog posts via RSS.

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