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Adding Font Awesome SVG icons with PHP;

Add Font Awesome SVG icons in PHP without any Javascript

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Announcing Pipits for Perch;

Pipits for Perch aims to help developers who work with Perch build feature-rich websites faster.

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Maintainable Perch Templates;

Use Perch's flexibility to make your long Perch templates easier to edit, review and debug

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Toggle Table Data with CSS;

A reminder how using JavaScript is not necessarily the only solution to your problem: CSS can help you toggle table data.

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Create a Discreet "Dropdown" Menu;

A pure CSS solution to create a discreet "dropdown" menu using the select element

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Smooth Scrolling with Just 1.1KB;

You don't need a big JavaScript library to add smooth scrolling to your pages. In fact, you can do it easily with Gabor Lenard's very tiny JavaScript module, Zenscroll.

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