Hello, I'm Hussein Al Hammad.

I'm a web developer based in Dubai 🌴

I'm known for my involvement in the Perch community. I built Pipits for Perch, a website about building Perch websites.

I share what I know through writing articles, and I have also opened-sourced some of my work on GitHub.

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I've worked with a number of agencies around the world helping them deliver high quality web solutions to a diverse selection of clients ranging from high-end luxury real estate to vintage guitars.

Message me about your project and I will be happy to help you.

Latest Blog Posts

I have updated my site

19 July 2019

This is the third version of the site since I launched it in 2015. I soft-launched this version a few months ago, and while I am still polishing things I am pleased of the increase I have seen in the leads I am getting through the website so far.

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I publish Perch-related articles on Pipits for Perch.

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