Announcing Pipits for Perch

I have recently launched Pipits for Perch, a collection of Perch add-ons, aiming to help developers build feature-rich Perch websites faster. You can find out more about it and Perch on here.

There's also a blog on the website about working with Perch and Perch Runway. So I may not post many Perch-related posts on this blog.

The response from the Perch community has been positive and hopefully Pipits for Perch will grow into something very useful to the Perch community.

Logo designed by Sarah Boese.


I see it not only being useful to the average Perch developer, but also to the front-end developer (and designer) who's not familiar with PHP, to the developer who's using Perch or Runway for the first time and perhaps to the beginner who's looking to perform his first CMS integration.

I remember as a beginner looking to use a CMS for the first time and most of the options I found required the creation of themes which was a turn-off. I just wanted a site with editable content. I didn't want to couple my front-end with a CMS.

So I was really excited when I learned about Perch for the first time (through the Unfinished Business podcast) and how I didn't have to create themes to integrate it with a website. And as I grew as a developer and being familiar with Perch, Perch Runway seemed the obvious choice to use on more complex projects and it also doesn't have the concepts of themes.

A CMS like Perch seems to me like a great option for beginners and as they build upon their skills and start to build bigger, more complex sites they can start using Runway.

The thing is apart from the Perch documentation and forum, there wasn't enough learning resources on the web. Now there's a new resource: the blog on Pipits for Perch which hopefully can help developers/designers regardless of their experience. That's why some of the posts on there discuss some basic usage and others discuss more complex concepts.

You can also find Pipits for Perch on Twitter and GitHub.