I have updated my site

I have recently updated my site. This is the third version of the site since I launched it in 2015. I soft-launched this version a few months ago, and while I am still polishing things I am pleased of the increase I have seen in the leads I am getting through the website so far.


While I have not been publishing on this blog consistently, I wrote a lot more on my Perch-focused blog, Pipits. One thing I learned from publishing technical articles is that it helps me more than anyone else. It is true what you hear, you get a better grasp of concepts by explaining them. So this is something I would love to keep doing.

I'm hopefully going to be organised enough to consistently blog on here as well. It's not necessairly going to be all focused on web development, but I can see that being the main topic.

Arabic version

Now that I am back in the middle east, I feel ignorant not having an Arabic version of this site even though the majority of my current clients do not speak Arabic or require websites in Arabic. So I am working on one!

I have not decided whether I am going to start blogging in Arabic as well. It would certainly be nice. I silently complain about the quality of Arabic content on the web and by not publishing any Arabic content I feel I'm somehow part of the problem.