Podcast Notes: Goal Setting (Synatx #67)

Today I read It's okay to miss goals—if you learn from it by Hannah Herman on Zapier's blog. It is a good read. It reminded me of Syntax's epidode 67 - Goal Setting which I re-listen to from time to time.

Even though Hannah's article title sounds like it is only focused about learning from missing goals, it also discusses some tips on setting goals. During Syntaxt #67 Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski discuss strategies for goal setting and explain how they set their own goals.

There is a lot to learn from both the article and the Syntax episode. I realise I slip up on my goals management for various reasons (due to increased workload, poor planning, family obligations, etc). So I find it very helpful to re-listen to the Syntax Goal Setting episode every now and then particularly when I plan on setting new goals.

Goals management requires an active, conscious effort. Syntax #67 is a good reminder of this.