Podcast Notes: Staying Small (Full Stack Radio #102)

Every now and then I listen to a podcast episode that resonates with me or changes the way I think. I end up listening to these episodes multiple times. So I've decided to blog about these episodes, and I'm starting with my all-time favourite:

Full Stack Radio #102: Paul Jarvis - Staying Small

Full Stack Radio's Adam Wathan "talks to Paul Jarvis about defining your own version of success and why you might not need to build a big business to achieve it."

This is the podcast episode I have listened to the most. I listened to Adam and Paul discuss running an intentionally small business (and still reaching your professional and personal goals) close to 10 times already and I'm certain that I will revisit it again.

I don't think an attempt to summarise this episode would suffice so I highly recommend listening to the episode and reading Paul's book: Company of One.